Copy of So You Have Decided to Focus on Your Creativity... Now What?

Happy New Year! I love this time of the year that gives us a little time to reflect, regroup, and re-imagine where we want our lives to grow. Several years ago, I started this creative journey, painting and creating just about anything I could get my hands on. I began to really struggle with the balance between my career, and the deep pull I was feeling towards a more creative life. I mean… it was pulling HARD! Have you ever felt that?

The last two years have been completely transformative. I left my career of 30 years, left my home town of 32 years, and began a new, creative journey. My husband, fully supportive, never wavered. Even when we could hardly make our house payment, or when we received notices of insufficient funds from our bank. He just kept on saying, “This is your calling Cara, just keep going.” So that’s what I did. That’s what I am doing.

Two years of growing and learning, staying up all hours of the night (thank you menopause), learning new skills, techniques, and creative passions. From furniture artistry, floral canvases, intuitive painting, mixed media abstract, and even water colors, I’ve been working with it all!

If you are reading this… thank you. You may be here because you already follow me on facebook or instagram. You might know how much I love to teach and I love to learn. I started out in my 20’s as a preschool teacher, and then moved on to teaching adults. I have always taught and coached adults and I must say, for me, teaching and learning is where I find the most joy.

So here’s my big New Years News! I have decided to start my own, Monthly Creative Club on facebook. I am doing this because, I know what it feels like to have that creative pull that is so strong that its almost paralyzing. I know, how hard it is to navigate my own creativity, while trying to grow a business. And also, I know that I might be just a few short steps from where you want to be. I am not a public figure with tens of thousands of followers, or 20 affiliate links. I am not here to sell other products… Nope! I am just here to grow a creative community of people who want to use and grow their creative skills.

Still reading, still interested? Awesome! This is what my Private Monthly Group, Cara’s Color Me Creative - Artists in the Making, will look like.


*It will be a creative group for all creatives who wish to grow and learn, develop new skills and talents, and explore. Whether you are a furniture artist, canvas artist, jewelry maker or pastry baker… this group is for you!

*I will provide tutorials each month of all my painting techniques… start to finish. See this picture? I’ve never shared the technique… but for you I will, along with many others!


*Each month I will bring on a guest furniture artist to share a specific technique and color recipe.

*Each month I will bring in one guest artist (other than furniture) to share a full tutorial of his/her artistry… think canvas art, mural painting, creative journaling, jewelry making, faux walls, crochet, paper crafting, Shibori, and more!

*We will explore together, intuitive painting, art for healing, mixed media art on canvas and furniture, several styles of floral canvas painting, and abstract work. The list will continue to grow as we all learn together.


*If you are in the creative businessI will provide social media coaching, both from my own experiences and knowledge, and also from some of the pro’s out there!

*Facebook, Instagram, and Website critique - I will regularly look at members pages, and give helpful critique and recommendations.

*Lastly, and most importantly, I will provide a bi-monthly class Called, “Navigating Your Cross Roads In Life. How to Use the Energy Inside of You to Create the Life You’ve Imagined.” Which will include, candid conversations, and exercises to help you move in the direction you wish, and keep your creative energy alive even when times are rough… I’ve been there, and I want to share my experiences with you all! We rise together!

One of my favorite Artists! We will explore her style and passion for greatness!

One of my favorite Artists! We will explore her style and passion for greatness!

So if you are a creative… this club is for you!

If you are a creative, and wanting to move towards creating for a living… this club is for you!

If you are a creative, working to make a living and need support and guidance… this club is for you!

If you are a creative, wanting to be part of a supportive, safe, learning group…this club is for you!

If you are creative who is looking for a little inspiration… this club is for you!

Best of all it’s only $25/ month!!!!

Let's Get Creative!

3 Months And It Feels Like Home!

Hi Friends!   So I thought I would write a blog post, just because I have  lot to share!  Warning... this is going to be picture heavy!  This is a great way for me to share with friends, family, and clients, about my crazy new life here in Texas... I appreciate your interest!  

So we have been here only for a short 3 months but it definitely feels like home.  It's funny how you learn what really makes a house feel like a home... surprising really that to me it has very little to do with the house.  Although, I love to decorate, and redecorate my digs... I've learned that's not it.  The decor of your house may help you feel at peace when you are in your home, but it's not what makes it home!  At any rate, I do agree that a cozy room helps.  This is a picture of my living room.  Bessie is my new piece of art I aquired from a local artist, now friend, Tracy Palmer.  She is amazing.

The last post I shared had lot's of pictures of the lake in my back yard, and the land around it.  While it was beautiful, it was brown.  Everything goes dormant in the Winter.  Watching the weather change brings back childhood memories.  Memories of home.  This next picture is the field right next to the lake and behind my house.  You can see it has sprung.  Growing up, I have fond memories of Black-Eyed Susan's sprouting up around the highways... you can imaging my delight when these beauties began sprouting!  No more brown... lot's of color and butterflies!

It's humid here on hot days, and other days it's windy.... guess what?  That reminds me of home.  I grew up in Ohio and Indiana, so the moment we had a fairly humid day here (and it's nothing like the mild humidity in CA), I had that wonderful recollection of my childhood... it felt like home.  Tornado warnings... yup!  They feel like home too!  LOL.  I love nature and animals... always have.  Here, I get to see horses, long horns, cows, donkeys, goats, chickens, and birds galore.  As a child, I always was rescuing animals... my husband is dreading the day I bring some half dead farm animal home to nurse back to health...LOL.  My neighbor saved a duck,  I have to admit, I was jealous!   I did help a turtle get across the road!   This next picture is 1 mile from my house.  I travel down this road several times a week and there are 3 mamma horses with their babies.  I saw this baby for the first time when it was only a few days old.  It layed on the ground sleeping while mamma looked over it.  Baby is doing great now, and you can see mamma is very protective.  

I feel so very lucky to be able to see this every day!!!!!

I feel so very lucky to be able to see this every day!!!!!

You are not home unless you have people to call friends.  I have made a few very special friends.  My next door neighbor Myra has been wonderful.  She helps me with everything from telling me where the best services and deals are, picking up farm fresh eggs, and just the daily chat that is so important.  I am so happy to have her for a neighbor and friend.   I've made another great friend named Sheila.  Sheila is the owner of Ruby Jean, a small boutique in Down Town Aubrey.  I happened into her store one day, and we hit it off.  She has introduced me to so many people... I am truly grateful to her.  Below is a picture of Sheila and I that was in the 380 Guide, a local magazine supporting businesses.  

Sheila and I getting ready for a Soy Candle class.

Sheila and I getting ready for a Soy Candle class.

Home is never home, unless you have family to share it with.  During the month of March and April we had a great deal of visitors!  Our children, Pierce and Megan visited, My Mom and Mike came for a while too, and Susan, my friend, who is family to me also came and stayed with us. Now, that really made our house feel like home.  We were sad to see them go but look forward to more visits!

We took Mom and the Kids to Fortunata Winery... so much fun!

We took Mom and the Kids to Fortunata Winery... so much fun!

Mom hates this picture, but I think it's cute!   Sorry Mom!

Mom hates this picture, but I think it's cute!   Sorry Mom!

Susan and I at Magnolia Market!  We love Jo Jo!

Susan and I at Magnolia Market!  We love Jo Jo!

Lastly, it would not feel like home without our work.  David is settling in to his new job at Cap One, and I as usual have my hands on several different projects.  I am painting like a mad woman!  I have a space at Doozies Corner in Down Town Mckinney in which I sell my painted furniture and hand made goods.  I am also teaching workshops and taking vendor space at the Southern Chapel Vintage Market.  Check them out!   I am also going to start teaching yoga again at the Chapel!  These are all things I love to do... so I am at home with this life.  

Lastly, I have been playing with essential oils a bit.  By accident really, I have noticed some great benefits to these oils.  In desperation, I put lavender oil on my dogs toy hoping to calm him down after a high anxiety moment... well he calmed an went to sleep!  I hadn't planned it, I just had the oil that I use in my dryer balls and thought, "Why not?".    People suffer from allergies in a big way out here, with the lush landscape and big wind... I have noticed that the oils really help to relieve that dry itchy feeling that comes along with the wind.  I use them in my candles, and have learned so much that I thought, why not look into this further.   I am looking for hormonal support, help with sleeping, and if there are any that will help me grow 4 inches that would be great...LOL!   I am excited to tell y'all that I ordered my first starter kit from Young Living and am anxiously waiting for it in the mail!  I will keep you posted and let you know what I think. 

I miss all of my old friends and family and can't wait to see you again.  I am so happy to have new friends, and can't wait to see you again!  If we haven't met yet, I look forward to meeting you!  Let's be friends!