Finding Inspiration... No Need to Look For It!

I have been asked several times if I decorated my house to match my dog!!!  Well, that's just silly!  Really?  Isn't it?  Well, maybe not. You see, I have been thinking about that question... and laughing a lot about it.   If you look around my house you too may very well believe that I just took one look at my pup and began designing a whole new look.  Truth is, I guess, inspiration comes when you least expect it!  It's not like I said to myself, "Ooooh I want this whole place to look just like Shamus."  But... for years before Shamus became mine, I envisioned a pup with a dark charcoal coat, with white and brown markings.  When I found Shamus, I absolutely fell in love with his coloring!  Another truth to be told is, about that time, I began changing flooring, painting furniture, and doing my best to reupholster everything I could get my hands on!    And then, presto!  Matching Dog and House!  

So here is what I think... I love these colors... I wasn't looking for decor inspiration when I found this most delicious looking pup... it just happened.  Really, I think that's how it all works.  Inspiration, whether it be an ever important life decision, or what color socks to wear with your outfit, just pop up when you least expected, or even without you being aware that it is happening.  So here is what I have learned through this latest attempt to think deeply... No need to waste time looking for inspiration.  It will find me.  Hopefully when it does, I will have the consciousness to recognize it and make great things happen!   What inspires you?  Is it a favorite pet, a favorite season, the vivid colors at a farmers market, or more muted tones mimicking earthy nature... whatever it be,  I am positive that inspiration finds us through experiences laced in beauty and meaning... it's what I find beautiful that most reflects, what my next move is...not so much a pinterest board!