Let’s Explore Together!

Let’s Explore Together!

Cara’s Color Me Creative - Artists in the Making - Membership Group

This membership group is a dream come true for me! It is a safe place to grow. It is competition free, as I believe we learn best by challenging ourselves, rather than competing against others! For starters, I offer the following, but imagine what we will learn from each other!


*This is a creative group for all creatives who wish to grow and learn, develop new skills and talents, and explore. Whether you are a furniture artist, canvas artist, jewelry maker or pastry baker… this group is for you!

*I provide tutorials each month of all my painting techniques… start to finish.

*Each month I bring on a guest furniture artist to share a specific technique and color recipe.

*Each month I bring in one guest artist (other than furniture) to share a full tutorial of his/her artistry… think canvas art, mural painting, creative journaling, jewelry making, faux walls, crochet, paper crafting, Shibori, and more!

*We will explore together, intuitive painting, art for healing, mixed media art on canvas and furniture, several styles of floral canvas painting, and abstract work. The list will continue to grow as we all learn together.


*I provide social media coaching, both from my own experiences and knowledge, and also from some of the pro’s out there!

*Facebook, Instagram, and Website critique - I will regularly look at members pages, and give helpful critique and recommendations.

*Lastly, and most importantly, I am providing a weekly class Called, “Navigating Your Cross Roads In Life. How to Use the Energy Inside of You to Create the Life You’ve Imagined.” Which includes, candid conversations, and exercises to help you move in the direction you wish, and keep your creative energy alive even when times are rough… I’ve been there, and I want to share my experiences with you all! Think of this as a learning and growning book club. When we get done with this topic, we will move on to another that encourages us to be the best creatives we can be! We rise together!

The monthly subscription price is billed automatically and easy to cancel if you are not satisfied. Are you ready? Just hit the button below to subscribe and leave your email address!

25.00 every month