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Online Class - Layers, Layers, Layers... The Art of Layered Intuitive Painting

This will be a class like no other! During this class you will learn the basics of layering contrasting styles for effect, mark making, and intuitive painting. What does that mean? You will paint layer by layer, with no plan or intention… with a little guidance and idea making, you will just let it all flow. Yes you can! Each layer will be unique and add interest to your piece… it will tell a story that only you will know. Paint in the comfort of your own home, on your own time, while listening to your favorite music. The class will be separated into sections, beginning with intention (layers 1 and 2), mark making, tools, and color burst (layers 3,4, and 5), drawing, covering, and drawing again (layers 6 and beyond).

When you sign up for this class make sure you leave your email address associated with your personal facebook account. I will use that to invite you into the private class page on facebook, named Cara’s Color Me Classroom, where you will receive a supply list and instructions. The classroom will be available to you for 1 month!

online class Layers Layers Layers
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